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I draw! when I can

Here's a list of STUFF!


Bungie Software Products Corp.


Artist for the EQ story segment called WildHunt written by the extremely talented Joellyn Auklandus.
Check out the ElfQuest website for more info about EQ.

So far my work has appeared in...

A.D.Vision, Inc.

I was art director/senior artist. I had a hand in the packaging design/production for nearly every title from late 1994 to early 1998. That's over 100 titles! I've done some background voices, video opening titles, copyproofed some subtitled films, created ads for various magazines, created all manner of promotional materials, created several logos, spent lots of hours coaching, guiding and nudging the graphic designers who've worked on various projects that fell under my jurisdiction. Also made sure every project was 'up to spec' with the other (so we don't have one thing that looks really bad because we spent so much effort in making something else kick-ass good). That's a *load* of work. Check out the ADV site. Don't forget to check out the gallery pages!

For a short time I freelanced with them for:
packaging design for "Street Fighter V2" volumes 1-4 (for UK only)
packaging/sellsheet design for "Master of Mosquiton" volume 1.

Here's a list of what I've worked on/done for ADV in the course of 3.25 years:

(ad)=art direction (pd)=packaging design--which sometimes include logo design
(vo)=voice overs -- background voices/noise and/or lines of dialogue
(A lot of these titles had sequels. I think I'm probably missing a few from the list...)

Freelance work that I can safely mention: packaging design for "Street Fighter V2" volumes 1-4 (for UK only) and pkg/sellsheet design for "Master of Mosquiton" volume 1.

And this is what I did for ADV's Graphic Visions back when it existed:

Before ADV I worked at:

Sandstone Graphics / JFP Stamps / Rosetta Stone (Mac Desktop Publishing companies near Chicago, IL)

Real Estate Profile / Apartments and Homes (a local Chicago weekly newspaper)

Youth Communication / New Expression (Chicago's 4th largest newspaper, monthly) (I worked there for 5 years)

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