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As I update my site, this page will hold the older scans and images of the Rookery.

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Lightning sorceress young Allen Schezar
During A-Kon '97, I met movie actor James Hong, thanks to Amanda Winn (who was also a guest at the con.) He wanted someone to conceptualize some ideas for a comic book character based on the roles he's played in the movies. This was one of the sketches I did. It's supposed to be one of the elementals, Lightning, from "Big Trouble in Little China." Hmm... I never DID follow up on Mr. Hong. (sigh.) This is a doodle in blue ball-point pen. It's actually just several months old. I forget what we were watching before I drew the picture, but Robt is reminded of Ah! My Goddess! when he looks at this pic. I love Tenkuu no Escaflowne/Vision of Escaflowne. Escaflowne ga suki desu!! =) heh. So this is just a picture I doodled from memory of a young Allen. Note I actually did it in pen, but I used red ink to do some rougher lines then went back in with a black ball pen to finalize some lines. Why red? It's lighter than black. I'd have probably used green or orange, or purple or a lighter blue if I had it. Sometimes I just don't like to use a pencil...
The Lady "Janice" Cutter Senorita
This is also one of the characters I've created. Although I plan on changing her name, she's been named Janice for about 10 years and I don't know if I'll ever change it. The picture was done in pencil as you can tell. I am still reluctant to put my orig characters up here (they're uninteresting to passersby, I think) but I just really liked her pose. Unlike Lyra, her youngest sister, J is graceful and feminine. =P Here's another black on red sketch, this time my rendition of ElfQuest's main hero, Cutter Kinseeker, Blood of Ten Chiefs. I did this pic around the same time as the Young Allen picture. For some reason this and other pictures were drawn diagonal on the sketchbook (as if I couldn't turn the book to frame things in there) so his boots got cut off.... hmm....his hands and feet are too small. And the senorita... This is one of those pictures I come across that surprise me. Hey, did I draw that? And to think that I also drew this in ink straight. I remember buying a few brush markers and wanted to give it a whirl. This was the first or second one I drew with the new tool. I like the curls on the back of her neck. (I think she reminds me a bit of Leetah.)
Weird Eyes Ember and an otter? It's an anime Robt!
I must have been on an EQ bent when I drew this pic. Maybe thinking of Winnowill. =P I like the shapes that came out of this one. She looks a little frightening, but her lines are soothing. It's inks on pencils. I actually cheated a little on this pic -- I skewed her face so it looks right. This one was also drawn 'crooked' on the page so she's cut off in odd places. I drew this one back in '97 as well as part of the submission packet. Oh, hey, did I have this here before? I don't remember now. Anyway, it's just pencil on paper. I was originally going to put Teir there, but changed my mind. The idea was that she's troubled, brooding, sitting on the rock, listening to the burbling brook when the otter sidles in and cheers her up. This is the most recent picture here and it's not a scan. I drew it directly onto the computer with my Wacom tablet while I was assembling this page after realizing that most of the faces on this page were all females or effeminate guys looking to the left. So I decided to add some variety. =P Robt's beard and sideburns ARE red, his hair dark brown. He also has a white streak at the peak of his hairline and his temples had started graying when he was 16. @_@

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