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New Scans

Here are some recent scans from my various sketchbooks.
They were drawn during different parts of my life so
they will vary in technique and style (at least I think so.)

Why asparagus and mushrooms?
Besides believing that drawing from life is essential to building one's drawing skill, these two vegetables just happened to be the subject matter for a supplement in an issue of New Expression about health and eating right. I decided to sit down and draw some of the vegetables with some of my staff/students. These are the only vegetables I've ever drawn, actually, and I think they came out pretty good. As it turns out, I also love asparagus and mushrooms (though at the time I've never had asparagus except in soup form.) I just colored these before I made the update on this page and liked it so it's here. :)

Here's the original sketch for the asparagus and the mushrooms.

Brush marker sketch Avian fluttering up. Janny Mahn
Nothing really special about this pic. I just liked the way the face came out.
As the title says... it's a brush marker sketch.
An ink sketch while riding on the el to work. I love Sol Bianca. I kinda wish the second issue of the comic was published. Ah well... This is one of the characters as she looked in the original episode.
Empress Elf on a bird Self portrait
The costumes for Amidala so captured the sorts of things I envisioned for the Avian Empress in my story. This image was done some 10 years ago and, to me, resembled the Naboo costumes. Here's a side view. Can you tell it's inspired by Nausicaa? I did this image several years ago as well. The elven girl is one of the characters in my story... You're probably wondering why it's a selfportrait but it's me sitting with my back to the viewer... I did that often back then. I would envision what I would look like as seen by someone from an angle that's not my line of sight. It's a pretty neat trick, I thought, drawing by extrapolation. :)
Haohmaru Rally Vincent Mouth sketch
This is just a pencil sketch of the lead character on Samurai Shodown. I drew it back when I was working at ADV and was at the sound studio watching the dubbing happen. To note, Samurai Shodown was one of the first few ADV dubs.

Consequently, the image on the right was also drawn during a dubbing session.

At animecentral99 during the guest reception, I was asked to draw Rally Vincent of Gunsmith Cats by the guest relations guy, Mike Palmeira. I was extremely puzzled to say the least! Because Kenichi Sonoda, creator of Gunsmith Cats, was just five seats down from me! This pencil drawing above was the only other time I've ever drawn Rally my whole life! And to top it all off, I had to draw the picture for Mike directly in markers. But I guess I did pretty well cuz the two Japanese guests sitting next to me (Daiken Yoko-o and Okuma-san, friends of Tsukasa Kotobuki) got real impressed and did the "we're not worthy" bows to me!! @_@;; Now and then I get the urge to draw from life. This pic was the warm-up for the sketches below. It's nobody's mouth that I know of though... Just a practice sketch in ball-point pen.
My niece Robt Robt sleeping
This ballpen sketch is taken from a photo. I don't think I captured her features well, however. This is my husband, Robt (wai! wai! we just got married! wheeeee!) Again a ballpen sketch from photo references. My husband, sleeping... and snoring! ^o^ Heh. I really like him as my subject. I love the planes, curves and angles on his face. (but I'm sooo biased!)
Ink sketch Ink sketch2 Self portrait
This is a drafting pen sketch. I don't think I meant to draw a battered and bleeding warrior woman, but I messed up somewhere and so she got messed up. ^^; This was my attempt, sort of, of making up for the messed-up drawing on the left. Heh. Again, it's a straight ink drawing. And it's pretty old too =P Yet another self portrait. This one I drew sort of as a joke portrait, but ended up coloring it and using it as my 'portrait' for the Guest info for the ACen 99 program book.

Here's the page of images from last time.

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