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March 6 - April 04, 2003 : Week 22 - 26
First teeth.

Flying to the Midwest in December with a 10-week-old in his own chair and car seat was a breeze compared to traveling with a 22-week-old sitting in one's lap with teeth coming through his gums. The night we arrived in Houston for my dear friend Matt Greendfield's wedding, Eagan gnawed on Robt's finger and nearly broke skin with his sharp new little teeth! March 6, at five months and 3 days old, we weren't expecting those tiny pearly whites to show up then and there. And we'd decided to eat out that evening too. The poor little boy...

He even sleeps on my desk when we have to stay late at the office. I suppose we don't really "have to" if we didn't want to. Everybody who sees Eagan wishes they can sleep anywhere too. If not on my desk (which didn't last long as he started learning to roll off) then on a big "foof" chair.

By the end of March though I was feeling cooped up and a little tired of long work hours and being indoors and not seeing any sun. One Sunday morning, I got bit by the travel bug. I dragged out my boys on a road trip to Whidby Island at 6am and out to Deception Pass then up to Anacortes for an early lunch at the only A&W joint we know of for some fast food and butterscotch shakes. It was something like 6 hours round trip.

I guess Eagan really got a lot of travel time in March!

By the first of April, he seems to have completely adjusted to having teeth and drools away gnawing on his favorite teething toy... the Sassy fish teether. He drools so much these days I wonder if his upper teeth are coming down.

OY! I almost forgot. His 6 month check-up was on March 4! His new stats are:

    Weight: 21 lbs. 10 oz. (95%)
    Height: 28 1/2 in. (>95%)
    Head circ: 18 1/2 (>95%)
And he is slowly outgrowing this 18month-size clothing! @_@;

(psst! Lookit his *hair*!)

February 9 - March 3, 2003 : Week 19 - 21
Sunny son...

Eagan gets some vitamin D the natural way! Well, we tried, anyway. The first time we tried to go out on a weekend, it rained before we got to the park. So we went out for a drive, instead. The second time, it stayed sunny, but it was a bit on the cold side! We think Eagan didn't really care for the swing though. He was small enough that it made us nervous that he'd slip through the holes! :) He blinked at the sun and wondered why we were out in the cold blinding light. Heh.

We bought Eagan a standing entertainer thingy from Little Tykes. He got really excited when we put him in it. He saw the lobster first, the noticed that there was something next to that, and then something next to THAT and so on, until he spun all the way around... and around.... and around. He didn't get himself dizzy, but he managed to eventually play with each item for a few seconds before moving on to the next. Later, he'd stay with one for a time before moving to something else. Oh, and it didn't take long before we had to take away that pillow under his feet so he can stand in the toy comfortably.

His hair started thinning out some time last month. I was worried it would all fall out! But as soon as I started to really worry, I notice that slightly coarser hair was replacing all the hair that he's been rubbing off on everything that touches his head. But like I mentioned in the last entry, the hair growing in is a chestnut brown color. And his eyes have definitely started to turn brown -- although they often seem to change from a gray brown to blue-gray depending on what he's wearing or the time of day.

It's such a wonder, comparing this little baby with the little infant that got squeezed out of me. Mom can hardly believe it. Robt and I can hardly believe it. But here he is.

Live-changing event, indeed.

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