"Who are you?"

I am...Lorraine...
-=ZAP!!=- ow!!!

"Who . . . are. . . you?"

I am grey! I stand between the candle and the light--!
-=ZAPP!!=- yaaah!!

Seriously though.... :)

Lorraine R. McLees


Heavy =)

Black with reddish highlights. ^_^
A bit unruly right now.

What am I doing now?
Recovering from giving birth to our second child
on maternity leave....
Workwise, I'm currently an artist
at Bungie Studios at Microsoft.

What stuff have you worked on in the last five years?
Hmmm... i think Halo pretty much occupied the majority
of my time in the last five years.
That and Halo 2 and all the licensing and marketing
that has to do with the release of those games.

How did I get a job at Bungie?
The short of it is:
I had the skills and work experience needed for the job.

The long of it is:
I had the skills and work experience needed for the job.
Or i should say... if I couldn't draw the way I can,
or couldn't use a Mac and work the design software
that Bungie used at the time, i wouldn't have been hired.

was it because of Robert that you got hired?
You'd be surprised that I got asked this often

Answer is: No.
Robt was not the guy who did the hiring. That fault lies
completely on Max Hoberman's head. Hehe.
To be fair, Robt may have gotten
me the interview, but I did the rest. If I just plain sucked,
man, I wouldn't hire me. There was an
actual interview and portfolio review, folks.
But I think what synched it was that at the end of the
interview, I said "I think I have a good idea of what
you need for your first poster (for Oni). Let me do a couple
of sketches for you real quick when we get back
to your office and see if it's something you can use."
and it turned out that they could.

how did I get a job at ADV?
I was familiar with anime and had several
years experience in pre-press, graphic design
and illustration (anime style and traditional).
I had actually been a department head beforehand.
One of the co-founders also knew of my work.

how did I get to be an artist for ElfQuest?
Richard Pini (and Wendy, too) liked the submission packet I sent =)
And I followed EQ for years...

my first paying job
Staff illustrator for local newspaper.
(I was 17 going on 18!)

first comic book work
Sol Bianca 1 (A.D.Vision/Graphic Visions)

latest thing published
Buncha covers:
Halo 2 expansion pack (bad color repro though)
Halo 2 game, strategy guide, etc.
Halo Art Book
And everything in here except for the mylar.

first published in...
1986 Expression,
Von Steuben High School newspaper's
(but I wouldn't call it 'professional')
comic section called "In The Forests of Celestia",
so maybe the first was in NE, doing spot illustrations,
some comic pages, and even writing one short story.

favorite 'references' or sources of inspiration
I keep a copy of various anime art books (like the
"100% Newtype Collection" for "Evangelion", Shirow's
"Intron Depot", one of Sonoda's "B-club Special" art books,
Art of "Record of Lodoss War" -- gold and silver books)
and various references on armor, weapons, and even "the art of Mulan".
I keep myself inspired and my brain 'working' by
reading books, other comics, looking at anime books
watching movies, watching anime, playing games, watching people play games :)

what comics I read currently
Blade of the Immortial
Battle Angel: Last Order

last anime I saw was...
Cutey Honey
Howl's Moving Castle
Whisper of the Heart
My Neighbor Totoro
(for maybe the 43rd time)

the last movie in the theaters was...
King Kong

the latest books I've read were...
Lord of Chaos Book 5 of the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan
Dune by Frank Herbert (yeah, I've read this before)

trying to finish/start reading...
Crown of Thorns Book 6 of Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series

shows I watch
Not that I've been able to watch more than a few hours every other month...
Discovery channel's Discovery: Wings
TLC's Trading Spaces, Design Challenge
Oxygen's Birth Stories
National Geographic, Food Network's Emeril LIVE, Oliver's Twist, etc.

most recent, interesting thing bought
Butter keeper!
You can tell I'm starting to slide into the boring side of things!

one thing I'm good at
playing Puzzle Fighter (heh)

what I do in my spare time
You mean when I'm not doing the Mommy thing?
And... uh... spend time with my husband
hmm... aaaannnd... read.
Or play Zuma.

music I listen to
not much, though "The Verve" is the cd player in the van

things that annoy me
Litter that piles up in the kitchen garden window,
dirty clothes sitting around, clean clothes that pile up
dirty dishes that sit in the sink for more than a day
clean dishes that don't get put away
and an unmade bed.

Yikes! I need to go out more often!!

"by the way, how do you know where to put those shadows?"
I guess.
And I get good at guessing by observation... and practice.
Lots of practice.

if I had the time or inclination, I'd like to...
Learn tai chi and kendo, learn to be an expert
bowman and/or marksman.
So, it goes without saying I'm poor at all the above =P

Maybe I'd even try going for a bachelor's degree in Design and Marketing.

if I won a multi-billion dollar lottery, I would...
I would pay off all my siblings' debts, buy a large property
and build a few houses on it to accommodate my Mom and Dad,
my growing family, and relatives on vacation.

What, you want to know more???

Check this out then. :)

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