Lorraine's Submission Packet for ElfQuest

I never expected to get EQ work. It was one of those things that I 'dreamed' of but never really figured I'd attain.
I'd always felt I still had so much more to learn (still do), and I didn't know if I would actually have time to do it, or if I could do it on a regular schedule . . .

What I have here is pretty much most of what I had sent (with the exception of previously-published works). I also did a 'test project' for Richard which helped cement my taking on Wild Hunt. Some of those were published in issue #9.

(You may click on each pic to view a larger version)

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Page 1 Rendered Nightfall charge Ember & Otter
Page 1 Ember correction Page 1 rough sketch Leetah, Ember and Nightfall

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